July 1984 - Aisla Wotherspoon - Back to Bourke/Toowoomba/Blenheim/Laidley/Brisbane Tour

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July 2: Southport +
cousins Joe & Althea
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July 2: On way from
Collarenebri to 
Lightning Ridge
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July 2:
Lightning Ridge
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July 3: minus 4 degrees
in NSW's hottest town
- where Aisla was born
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July 3: Bourke Hospital
were Aisla was born
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July 3: St Ignatius, Bourke - Aisla baptized here by Fr J. Peifer S.J.
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July 5: Dalby Church -
where Aisla sang in Holy Name choir on visit 
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July 5: Toowoomba
Gowrie Road shop where
Hamill family lived
(opp Gowrie Rd Hotel)
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July 5: shop & house
(Gowrie Rd now 
Bridge St)
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July 5: shop & house
- built by Hamill family
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July 5: shed at back of shop...where family lived while house being built
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July 5: back yard
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July 5: House named "Quinara" 
(next shop/house) 
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AJuly 5 Harristown, Toowoomba: with
16-01-1946 Holy Name marriage celebrant
Fr Patrick McMorrow
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July 5: 93 West St
where Aisla lived for a while when her mother came back from 1932
Eucharisti Congress in Ireland 
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July 5: 56 West St
where Aisla lived after Gowrie Rd and before
No. 7 Lydwin Estate
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July 5: Grave of Aisla's parents John & Anne Hamill with Carter family grave in background
- Toowoomba Cemetery
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July 5:
Cronin Family Grave
- Toowoomba Cemetery
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July 5: Patrick K-H's wife was Honour Quinn, sister of Anne (Aisla's mother)
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July 5: Aisla's only school - Holy Name
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July 5: Holy Name
Church where Aisla played organ and where she & Dave got married
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July 5: Holy Name
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July 5: Blessed Sacrament Church (next to site of CUSA - where Aisla & Dave met at a social for soldiers)
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July 5: C(atholics) U(nited)
S(ervices) A(ustralia)
where Aisla played piano & did dishes...and met Dave
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July 5: Cnr Ruthven and Delacy Streets where
Hamill family lived for a while with Kelly-Healy's in their shop
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July 5: Aisla @ Pigott's for counter lunch + 4X..... where she worked for 19 years.
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July 5: No. 7 Lydwin Estate (opp Show Grounds) where Aisla lived after West St
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July 5: Aisla at St Patrick's Cathedral
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July 5:
Picnic Point with 
Toowoomba city in background
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July 5:
facing Table Top Mtn
(extinct volcano)
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July 6: Blenheim Hall - opposite shop/post office/house where our family lived
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July 6: house/shop as it is today, no longer a shop

1984-07-06bourke06.JPG (17445 bytes)กก
July 6:
Mutzelberg's farm, about 300m from hall....where Dave dropped John in pig trough?
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July 6: Laidley Hospital where Pete was born (in room on top of 4-wheel bonnet)

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July 6: Aisla at Laidley Church....where Pete was baptized
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July 7: Aisla and Fr Herbert with Pete's baptismal register
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July 6: Pete's baptismal register. Godparents: Edna (cousin of Carters) and Bill (brother of Don, Guy's fr) Ferguson
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July 6: St Mary's South Brisbane, where John was baptized. Godparents: Jack & Patricia Martin
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July 6: Doon Flats  opp Musgrave Pk Sth Bris.
Where Aisla & Dave lived 1946 (after honeymoon at George Hotel in Bris)
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July 6: Fermoy private hosp, Auchenflower/Milton, where John was born
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July 6: Dutton Park Cemetery. Aisla's sister Patricia & husb Jack
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July 6: Dave's grave at Hemmant Cemetery
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July 6: Novello Nursing Home, Manly. Dave died in G/F room below sunlight
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July 7: poor photo (+ non-existant right pillar) of L.C.  Aisla lived  1/F front unit 1975-1993
1994-07map02.JPG (50449 bytes)1994-07map01.JPG (44280 bytes)1994-07map03.JPG (48853 bytes) 
 (photo dates should be 1984, not 1994)

A most memorable trip.....finished with early evening Rosary together (after fish 'n chips)
 on Friday July 6 on Lota foreshore where
Aisla & Dave  used to bring two little boys for time on swings
....then back to Surfers Paradise

Folder at Arundel

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