1928 (?) In Fond Memory of Lois Dunstan

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In fond memory (Lois Dunstan)

I am writing these few little verses

In memory of one I liked best,

The sweetest & best little girlee

That ever came out to the west

Looking back, how plain I can see,

The face of my little Loie


She came like a bright ray of sunshine,

To the life of a young country lad,

The outings that we had together

I cherish, as the best I have had.

No other girl ever will be

The same as my little Loie


How well I remember the weekends

Spent at "Tralee" & old "Riverdale",

Then with her on a pony beside me,

Gaily over the paddocks we'd sail,

Young and happy and free,

Myself & my little Loie.


She loved coming in to the dances

To mix with the young crowd so gay,

I like to think over the parting

Of those cold winter nights of May,

When I kissed, as shy as could be

The dear lips of my little Loie.


But they took you away little sweetheart

On that long road we all have to take,

But out west there's a lad who'll remember

Some-one whose heart will still ache

For a face that to me

Is dear don't you see,

And always will be

That's the face of my little Loie.