March 1929  "To My Old Mate Tom"

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I wonder if you remember

  Twelve months ago to-day,

When we went in to Longreach

  And done our cheques so gay


The girls in all the squash shops

  And at Dud Rydis pub,

They invited us to hazards

  But we couldn't throw for mud.


We went round to the show ring

  And paid our half-a-crown,

But to this day I reckon

  The beggars took us down.


You went and danced at night Tom

  While I went to Fred Affoes,

To skate around his old cement

  And the people to amuse.


But it could not last forever

  And we soon went to the pack,

Then we headed for the "Coombe"

  Caught our horses for the track.


We never had much tucker

  Bread and treacle as a rule,

It should have been a lesson

  To shun every hazard school.


We left the miles behind us

  On the journey coming home,

And we made a vow together

  In the 'reach' no more we'd roam.


The swags were on old "maggie"

  With the seven & six pence pack,

Which we packed up with a sheepskin

  To keep it off her back.


But at last we reached the "Prairie"

  And we climbed abroad the train,

When we bit old Jim for Osker

  To fetch us home again.


But we soon forgot our troubles

  When we went to work once more,

And we've done our cheques since then Tom

  As we did in days of yore.


But the day is not far off mate

  When you'll wake up with a start

You find you've gone and married

  A decent sort of tart.


And when that day arrives old son

  That you go to your fate,

I hope that you will not forget

  Your old and trusted mate.   

                                     Dave.   March 1929