February 1929: "To Ann"  (Dave's sister)

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Essex Downs Station 


I now pick up my pencil

To write to Annie dear

And with it I will stencil

The news that happens here.


Now "Essex" is quite a place

Where strangers seldom stray,

For weeks we have each others face

To gaze on day by day.


The paddocks all are very bare

The water-holes are dry.

To help the Ewes we crutch and care

  Against the damned blow fly.


And often as we ride along

Behind the delving team,

Old Bob and I burst into song

While the horses jolt and dream.


The Horses always find it tough

When the Captain's on the job

Then over the country loose and rough

He musters mob on mob.


I stay a few months longer

Once more I'll be the clown,

And when my cheque gets stronger

I will make a break for town.  

Now dear Ann, it's Au-Revoir 

Till you hear from me again, 

Then of the place I'll tell you more

Just at present I remain  


Dave. Feb 1929