September 1930 "Ringing" - composed at Burleigh Station , Richmond, Qld

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I'm working out on Burleigh
A cattle run out West
Where they call you fairly early
Be you working man or guest

The breakfast gong gives warning
To all sleepy-headed men
That another day is dawning
And there's work to do again

We saddle colts that sidle
And snort, with sudden fear
At the claiming touch of bridle
Then the gentle weight of gear

With our fingers nearly frozen
We let the slip-rails fall
And I wonder if I've chosen
The best game after all

But later as we're riding
Through sunshine warm and bright
On a good horse smartly striding
Then everything comes right

We muster to the river
Where bloodwoods grow so tall
And the butcher birds deliver
Their clear and happy call

The baldy "Micks" running
In wattle scrub so thick
The old spayed cows are cunning
We can't show them a trick

The cattle yards are dusty
And often there is fun
When some fiery steer, grown rusty
Puts a "ringer" on the run

When this bang-tail muster's over
In another week or so
I am going to be a loafer
In a little town I know

There midst township pleasure
With people I know well
Where they have no "spirit" measures
I'll enjoy a few week's spell

Burleigh, Sept. 1930