February 1931 "Lamb Marking After Holiday"  (preserved in handwriting of Nell W.)

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I want to moan a bit tonight

Before I go to bed,

The way I feel I would delight

In punching someone's head.

The beetles gather round the light

The mossies sing a song,

The ants are waiting for a bite

Why! Everything's gone wrong.                                                           


'Twas hot today out on the plain    

I've come to this conclusion now

That fifty bob and keep

Is not enough for me somehow

To muster flamin' sheep.

So when this job is all complete

When every tail is checked

I'll pack my horses and retreat

From a district sadly wrecked

Without a shady tree

It made me think of town again                                      

Cool drinks tormented me.

I'm aching bad across the back

Am sunburnt pretty red

I think a man must get a quack

To overhaul his head.              



Ashley  -   Feb. 1931