22-02-1932 "To Vate" (DJW's brother Vic)
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DEAR VATE ¨C (brother)


Just a short little rhyme, to fill in the time

     Before turning in for the night,

I have nothing to read, it is shameful indeed,

     But, if I can¡¯t read I can write.


Vate, I¡¯d like to know hows the old piano               

     Are you still running over the keys,

Have you taught it to talk, can it rise up and


     Can you make it do just as you please?


Does it open and say, ¡°Cobber, what shall I


     Is it Schumann or Chopin or Lance?

For I¡¯ve learnt every part, I know them by


     You have practiced me into a trance¡±.



Does old Terry still croon, the latest jazz tune

     By your chair, in the old ¡®Sonic Hall¡¯?

Do they chain on and waltz, and encore

                      between halts

     When you and George play for a Ball?



Now I don¡¯t want to boast, but while on the  


     I heard pianists many and great,

Tho¡¯ they¡¯re classic and clever not once did I


     Hear one that had much on our Vate.


                            Dave.        22/2/32