1932 "Burleigh Station - To Bill" 
 (2rd last line should read "wish you", not "with you")

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Burleigh Station , Richmond, Qld

                                                 BURLEIGH STATION  -1932

Well Bill, I¡¯m in a job at last

    I must admit it¡¯s not too fast,

The cowboy me on Burleigh Station

    Not such a real bad occupation.


I fluked the job when old ¡®Mat¡¯ got fires

    I¡¯m just the lad that they required,

Two pounds ten and tucker galore

    A little room, could you wish for more.


This is the job, milk three old cows,

    Feed a stallion and two big sows.

Chop plenty wood for the dear old cook

    Then down to my hut and read a book.


Picture me Bill on a mowing machine

    Trimin the lawn up nice and clean,

Raking the leaves from under the trees.

    Chasing the shade to catch the breeze.


Then once a week we kill a steer,

    There¡¯ll be something wrong when I leave here

Off for the cows at four o¡¯clock ,

    Supper at six, right on the knock.


Now Bill old son, I¡¯ll say good-bye,

    Its cow time now and I must fly,

So a Bright New Year I wish you all

    May the cheques be big and your troubles small   


                                         Davie   -   boy.