16-06-1937 "Imagination or Real?"
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Mother Dear I hear you calling

   Tell me sweetheart, did you call?

Perhaps ¡®twas only dead leaves falling

   From the trees so green and tall.


Tell me ¨C was I only dreaming?

   I couldn¡¯t be, it seemed so clear,

Those same words ever to me seeming,

   ¡°Come home, my boy your Mothers here¡±.


At night sometimes, I hear it clearer,

   At night, when all the stars do shine,

A sweet soft voice, I know none dearer,

   That precious voice of Mother Mine.


Sometimes too when I an riding,

   Riding through the bright green trees,

A voice I hear, and yet in hiding,

   It seems to shelter in the breeze.

 So Mother Dear, please tell me truly,

 Did I really hear you call?

 Or are my senses so unruly

 That I¡¯m mistaken after all. 


  16/6/37      David John