1939 (?) "The Road To Anywhere"

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The sun is setting in the west,

Im all alone tonight,

My scanty suppers not the best

For times are tough and tight.

Im getting old and very slow

And beat with wear and tear,

From tramping out along the road

The road to anywhere.

The road beyond the border gate,

The land of heat and flies

Where man to man is pal and mate,

And friendship never dies.

Where western waters first begin,

Where plains are brown and bare,

Year in year out, Im tramping on

The road to anywhere

Im deaf to all the latest news,

And blind to later scenes.

Living back in older days

And dreaming older dreams,

Beyond the land of time and tide,

The city street and glare,

Wondering where the road will end,

The road to anywhere.

I used to laugh and joke with all,

And help the hours to go,

And tell the tales the wanderer tells,

When lights are dull and low

In spite of my old wrinkled brow

And silver in my hair.

Perhaps Im better tramping now,

The road to anywhere.


Ive made the bed on which I lie,

The world in which I live,

And those who may have judged me wrong

I pray they will forgive.

Ive lived and loved as others have,

And sometimes broke a vow,

And if Ive hurt a womans heart

Im sorry for it now.

But then again I may not be

Forgotten by them all,

Perhaps theres someone thinks of me

When night begins to fall.

But this I know and always will

Wherever I may stray,

When shadows sink behind the hill

Theres someone kneels to pray.

The world is very still tonight,

And here beside my fire

Old ghosts of fancy sit with me

And build my castles higher.

I will go back I tell myself

I know someone will care,

But morning brings the winding road,

The road to anywhere.

Oh Lord! I pray, just let me sleep,

I think its best to dream,

And dont torment my wretched mind

With things that might have been.

Contented am I here alone

Where no one seems to care,

Drifting out along the road,

The road to anywhere.