01-08-1941 Every Soldier's Mother (written at Tobruk)

The following poem was printed in the Dalby Times


(Written at Tobruk in August 1941

by Pte D.J. Wotherspoon, A.I.F.)

Mother Dear, to you Im writing,

From a land far oer the sea,

Where brave mates and I are fighting;

For lasting Peace and Liberty .


But of home and you Im thinking,

As the red sun sinks to rest,

And a bright star is winking;

Above the sunset in the west


Ah! Stars and sunsets, Mother,

Make me think of home and you,

There will never be another

Love me, half as fond and true.


For your smile is like a sunbeam,

Your eyes are twinkling stars,

A voice as soft as a valley stream

As it ripples down the bars.


Now there is no soldier prouder

Of his Mother old and grey,

Or who sings her praises louder

In this country far away.


How Im comforted by knowing

That her love will follow me,

Where the winds of war are blowing

Many miles across the sea.


I know she is always waiting.

For the letters that I mail,

Little bits shell be relating

To her neighbours, Ill go bail.


How proudly will she greet me

When I cross the foam once more,

No illusions how shell treat me

Once I reach old Aussie shore.


I know she will be smiling,

While the hours of day are bright,

But hot tears for me come filling

From brave eyes in bed at night.


Mother mine you must not worry,

You have white hair now to spare,

To cause you more I would be sorry,

Ive already caused my share.


Dear old pal, I must be leaving,

For the daylight fades away;

And for you my heart is grieving,

In this land by Tobruk Bay


Au revoir for this time darling,

I will pen a fond Goodnight,

From this land where guns are snarling,

And the Aussies boys still fight