20-10-1942 Letter from North Africa to Till & Bob Taylor
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                                                Q.X. 11656

                                                Pte. Wotherspoon

                                                H.Q.Coy A/TK, 2/15 Bn   A.I.F. Abroad   20/10/41

Dear Till & Bob


Sister mine 每 I am afraid I am far behind with my letters to you 每 but I ask you to forgive me on the excuse of being busy. There are no nice writing rooms in the jolly old desert, and lights at night are taboo 每 so I have been doing very little writing.

 Tillie, I received your Choc OK months ago and my chums and I gobbled it up shortly after. Now about Harry Taylor Till 每 he is what we call the &Old & Bold* 每 they mostly on guard duty around H,Qs and other jobs. I have seen a few of them at times on leave, but the chaps I met did not know him, he may be in the desert now for all I know, between me & Alex, or he may be in Alex or Cairo . I am not likely to meet him only by accident, but I will watch out for him. I passed that message on from Haydon to one of his mates J. Warburton, he came over with me. I believe I sent a snap home with he & two others taken with me in Palestine one time. The other two were Bowen lads. I would have to have wings to give his message to Jim Carter, that wonderful chappie will not be coming back to Aussie with us. He & &Warby* were great mats. I was on leave with them in Beirut just before coming here.  

Well Till, it is almost another Christmas time. I have been told to have my mail in by November 1st, so allowing a few days for lying about here, a few truck rides etc, this should just about be in time. I hope so anyway. Till, this will serve a double purpose, it will let you know that I wish you Many Happy*s on Dec ? ? for your Birthday, also to say that I hope yourself & BOB & Joyce and Bobby have an enjoyable Christmas. Forget the rotten War for one day, & have a merry time, and lets hope the New Year will bring nothing but Good Luck to you & your dear Family. Perhaps I may be able to be a little closer to you next year, here*s hoping that way.  

Dear Sister, I am a busy man, so you will understand Sweetheart, write to me sometimes. I love hearing you, say Till, remember when you used to write to me in the days when I was Stockbanging on Burleigh Stn, ever so long ago, wish I was back there some where today, with a big warm fire and a billy of tea & a big slab of steak grilling on the old Camp Oven lid. Give Olga my love when you next write, and now my Dear, all The Best for Christmas & New Year and tons of Happiness in the days to come.  

Kisses to Joyce & your dear self, best wishes to Dad, Bobby, Joyce & yourself. Always your Brother, Dave