02-11-1941 "To My Adeline", written from Blue Line, Tobruk, while a runner for Lt. D. Weir

To My Adeline                 Nov 41

 Across ten thousand miles of Ocean

   I am sending you this rhyme,

To prove that my devotion

   Has stood the test of time.


I love you now as dearly

   As the day I sailed away,

From my heart I speak sincerely

   I adore you day by day.


Your clear bright smile so winning

   Those brown eyes I adore,  

All my trust in you Im pinning

   Til I return once more.


Rhyming lines to you is simple

   You are so sincere and kind,

And I idolise the dimple

   On the girl I left behind.


In fancy I am kissing

   Your dear sweet lips again,

Half my heart I fear - is missing

   Only memories remain.


Lovely memories ever precious

   Now that were so far apart,

Of a girlie so delicious

   As to steal quite half my heart.


Once again I take you walking

   With your warm hand tucked in mine,

Hang it; theres the Sergeant talking

   I am wanted up the line.


Adeline I must be leaving

   And to Sentry post must go,

But for you Im ever grieving

   Where the Libyan dust storms blow.


Written Blue Line Tobruk

While a Runner for Lt. D. Weir.