06-02-1942 "He Needs a Shave" (2 pages)

HE NEEDS A SHAVE - At Harem Road Block , Syria 6.2.42  

While the world is in destruction

      From Russia to New York ,

There’s a form of mean corruption

      Of which I wish to talk.


With the Japes nearing Australia

     And the situation grave

Tis a certain ‘jokers’ failure

     Snooping round to see I shave.


While the desert battle rages

    The end not yet in sight

Heavy fighting now for ages

    Through the Libyan day and night


Where our friends are fighting gamely

    Over sand and ridge and cave,

The only trouble here is namely

    Watching ME to see I shave.


When I picture Russians fighting  

     In the biting rain and snow

Every day grows more exciting;

    Makes me holler “Good Ole Joe”.


But here as I do ‘piquet’,   

    Every step bog to the knave,

I ask you, is it cricket?

    Dob a man in for a shave!


Now, when this dust up’s over,

    I will make out West once more

Earn a living as a drover

    Like I did before the war.


But when at last I’m dying,

    Someone prays my soul to save,

I will hear some b…….saying

    “Strike me pink, he needs a shave”!


Major Rallston had been away riding on a slashing grey stallion. When he came to where I was doing my ‘Beat’, he pulled up and dismounted. I admired the horse, and we had a good old yarn about West Qld and the people & Stations we both knew so well. Shortly after he left me I was sent for by our Platoon Commander & ordered to go and shave right away.

                                                                        Wouldn’t it??