22-03-1942 Letter from Syria (4 pages)

  22/3/42                                                                                        A.I.F. Abroad.


My Dear Mother & all the family,

                                                       Here I am old Dear, writing you once again from Syria & I will begin by telling you I am fit & well. I sincerely hope this letter will find you as well as I am this rainy Sunday over here. Gee, have I been ever so lucky with my parcels Mum, two from you lately, the beautiful big Cake with my name on top which you parcelled on Dec 28th, & the other you mailed a few days after, 31/12/41 . Well they arrived together & everything carried very well over their long trip. I was able to give my Section Cobbers their first tast of Aussie Cake for three months. They all send you kisses. It was so kind of Nell to think of me & for her gifts I am ever so thankful. Pity is the Air Mail paper is no use any longer, but I will keep it all for a better time that must surely be coming.

I have just received a letter you wrote on 6th Jan & I am so glad to hear all the home town news, if it is ever so old. I guess you will be looking & waiting for my letters now also.

 2. I should land a packet of letters one of these fine days. I will have to stay up all night to read them all. How are the two little Boydies going? Oh; Mum I had a short note from Hamie Boyd the other day. He was in Aleppo & although I wasnít far away, we missed each other. Perhaps we will meet yet. Although we are in different Units, we are in the same Division, 9th. Met a chap yesterday, a Cpl in my old D.?.N. Coy, I have talked to him dozens of time before & who do you think he married? The tall girl Turner from Ingham, forget her name, she is now Mrs Noel Ferris, & she does good work while her husband is Overseas, catering for the the fighting forces, in the Town Hall Brisbane. There it was that Brother Bob met & talked to her & so she wrote Noel to look out for me. Did I ever tell that Frank Burns from A.J. Smiths had a nasty accident? He will most likely go home. I never saw him myself, but Bobby Scarr told me he had his both ankles broken in a road accident. So although they christened him The Avenger when he left Richmond , poor lad never saw much.

 3. Had a lovely letter from my little Lake Nash Cobber Beryl yesterday, written shortly after Xmas, & gave me a fair picture of the West & all the old mob. Also one from my Adeline, she was very excited. She has met Nell & Bob & Ford. I am anxious to hear their opinion. Do you think she is a good sort Bob old boy? She will do me anyway. Did she give you a nice cup of tea & cake Fordo? Glad to hear you are collecting those stripes  brother, just as well you are in the Air Force, might have to bung you a salute one day. What did you think of my Maroubra Phyllis, Nell? Am waiting to get your report. According to Adeline, the rains are late over in Aussie, they are late finishing over here. Just as well I am web toed Mumsie, it is much easier on me than the other chaps. I am wondering if you have seen anything of Bill Mathers, or Puet, or Ginteys. If you do tell them to have a foot of Aussie beer for me. Well Mother I have heard & read all about the Japís successes in the Pacific, & the bombs they have dropped in our Coastal towns. I have been in Darwin & Wyndham, & they wonít hurt much there. But they will get their wind snapped shortly. Now old Sweetheart, I have no idea


4. how long this will be reaching you, I guess about six weeks by Boat. It is just a Bugger now waiting weeks for letters, they are as good as a big meal to me, & now as I tramp around this Syrian soil, & feel the swish of the half grown Barley on my trousers, & as I jump across clear running streams, I am thinking there is sure to be mail tonight. I hope Sister Ann goes out to you for a while, how is that Dear old kid anyway? Mother Mine & all all my Sisters & Brothers & Nephews & Nieces, Aunts & Cousins, I will conclude for this time, it is Sundayís Dinner time, but I wonít be sitting down to no Rooster Dinner with egg puddings to follow, but whatever is on, I am hungry to eat it & enjoy it. So now Mother mine, do not worry for me, I am big & ugly enough to look after myself, you keep on smiling & wishing me well, & so in time you will find me back home with you some fine day soon.

                                    Cheerio Mother & fond love Always, & many kisses.

                                                From your loving son

                                                                                    David John