01-04-1942 Poem: "Tobruk Bay"


1.                                                                                     2.


In an old Australian Homestead                                      So she joined a band of Sisters                         

With the roses round the door                                          Underneath the Cross of Red

A girl received a letter                                                     Just to forget the heartache

That had just come from the War                                     Of her lad who now lay dead

With her Motherís arms around her                                 Many suitors came to woo her

She gave way to sobs and sighs                                      But they sadly turned away

And as she read the letter                                                When she told them all her story

The tears fell from her eyes.                                            Of her lad in Tobruk Bay


Chorus                                                                             Chorus


            Why do I weep                                                            Why do I weep                                

            Why do I cry                                                                Why do I cry

            My loveís asleep                                                         My loveís asleep

            So far away                                                                 So far away

            He played his part                                                       He played his part

            That April morn                                                          That April morn

            And left my heart in Tobruk Bay                                  And left his heart in Tobruk Bay