05-06-1942 Poem: "Seeing It Through" (written at Tripoli rifle range, Syria)

SEEING IT THROUGH Tripoli Rifle Range , Syria , 5.6.42


When you’re fed up with the army

   And you’re feeling rather blue,

When parade drill drives you balmy

   You’re sick of Irish stew;

Why, there’s only one thing for it –

   Square your shoulders - see it through.


When you’ve sent your last quid spinning

   At the game soon after pay,

Then ‘bite’ a mate that’s winning,

   Till you owe a heap of ‘hay’ –

Maleesh! Just keep on grinning,

   Your luck must change some day.


When the girl who’s snap you’ve carried

   Since you left old Aussie’s shore,

Writes and tells you she is married

   To a guy from Baltimore ;

Square your chin – keep off the Arak ,

   You’ve a lot to thank him for.

When the Syrian sun is burning

   On a route-march long and dry,

When you get a wistful yearning

   For a cool blue Aussie sky;

Cheer up, mate, the others made it

   And so will you and I.


Some day as we are steaming

Far across the miles of blue,

You may lie back – planning, scheming

All the things you’re going to do;

You’ll be proud to be an Anzac

With the guts to see it through.