23-07-1943 "Aussie Memories"   (Written at El Elamein, Egypt)
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AUSSIE MEMORIES ¨C El Alamein ¨C Egypt 23.7.42.


Before I joined this army,

   A vagabond life I led,

I roamed the west

   Where birds sing best,

The fresh warm earth my bed.


Beyond the Queensland border

   Where the Southern Cross swings low,

I¡¯ve camped at night

   Neath stars so bright,

And cool spring waters flow.


Where brumby mobs go streaking

   Along bush pads wild and free

While the dingos howl,

   And the water fowl

Were jolly good company.


By night-fires homely twinkle

   The watching drovers ride,

¡®Round the mob asleep

   In the bull-grass deep,

On western plains so wide.


¡°Ringing bells, sweet chiming music¡±,

   But the bells I¡¯d like to hear,

Are those that ring

   To a stockwhips  swing,

As the morning light dawns clear.


But alas! For me this season

   My own land is far away,

And the blinding sand

   Of Egyptian land

Is my soldiers home today.


Yet old memories never fail me,

And oft times so clear I see ¨C

To the Battles Blaze,

Through the desert haze,

Aussie seems so dear to me.