18-11-1942 "An Air Graph Letter Home" (Written from hospital in Palestine) + Telegram
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An Air Graph letter home written in Palestine Hospital C December 1942

Writing an Airgraph letter home

   A message to Mum & Dad,

Telling the folk across the foam

   My wound is not so bad.


Letting them know Im doing fine

   Walking about once more

Trying to write in every line

   As I always have before.


Asking them not to worry so

   Making it seem more bright

Telling the things they like to know

   Whether its wrong or right.


Sending regards to one & all

   Who still remember me,

Reminding them I still recall

   Dear friends across the sea.


Wishing them Merry Xmas cheer

   Telling them all OK

Hoping the future coming year

   Will speed the happy day C


When bells of Victory will peel

   From every town & dome,

I write God Bless You ere I seal,

   My Airgraph letter home.


Pte D.J. Wotherspoon

Q.X. 11656