David John Wotherspoon    1905-1972     Poems & Letters   
Nearly all war letters were written in pencil on thin air-letter paper. They've been scanned from photocopies

also Family Tree photos

For a summary of his life from c. 1920 to 1945, see page 2 of the beautiful letter of 12-08-1969, below 

Most of Dave's letters and poems are printed in Poems and Other Gems (2014), beautifully compiled by Dave's nephew Robert James Taylor

To hear Dave reciting some Australian poems, click here

17-12-1905 Birth Certificate of David John Wotherspoon, s. of Robert W. & Faith M. Guilfoyle 
1918 Ann, Dave & Nell Wotherspoon + goats

1920 "Please Remember"

1920-1930 Richmond, Q: Wotherspoon Family Home & Store

1922 David John Wotherspoon at 17

1924 David John Wotherspoon at 19

1924 Richmond: Jack Conner with cousins Bill, Bob, Dave, Vic & Ford Wotherspoon

1926 "The Old Shepherd"

25-12-1926 Richmond: Robert & Faith Wotherspoon & Family + Grace & Billy Wotherspoon

July 1928 Richmond, after funeral of Robert Wotherspoon

1928 "In Fond Memory Of Lois Dunstan

25-12-1928 Christmas Group

01-02-1929  "To Ann"

March 1929 "To My Old Mate Tom"

July 1929 "The Old Men" ("To The Old Timers")

1929 "The Best Mother Of All"

1929 Note to his Mother

1929 "To Ford"

1929 "Stepper's Night Out (And In)"

1930 "Flying Kate"

1930 "To Nell" (DJW's sister)

1930 "The Skite", "Greetings", "The Ringers", "The Dream" (as published in Bill Boyang's column)

September 1930 "Ringing"

1930's David John Wotherspoon & mate at woodpile

February 1931 Lamb Marking After Holiday

1931 "As The Sun Goes Down"

1931 "Roll Along Little Poddies"

1931 The Machine Man's Lament

22-02-1932 "To Vate" (DJW"s brother Vic)

1932 "The Big McArthur Side"

1932 "Burleigh Station - To Bill"

16-06-1937 "Imagination or Real?"

1939 "The Road To Anywhere"

27-03-1941 Army Record (1941-1946)

28-03-1941 Townsville Daily Bulletin - list of volunteers

Website of 2/15 Infantry Battalion, 2nd AIF
April 21, 2012 article from Brisbane Courier Mail: Rats of Tobruk by Mike Colman (role of 2/15th at siege of Tobruk - new info)
"Let Enemies Beware" - a history of the 2/15th Battalion, by Rod Austin - with 2 of Dave's poems

22-07-1979 Letter of Nell Wotherspoon with history of David John Wotherspoon's letters

28-05-1941 Letter from Redbank Army Camp, Brisbane (2 pages)
05-06-1941 Letter from Redbank Army Camp, Brisbane (4 pages)
11-06-1941 Letter from Redbank Army Camp, Brisbane (4 pages)
26-06-1941 Telegram
30-06-1941 Letter from ship on way to Middle East
01-08-1941 Every Soldier's Mother
03-08-1941 One Order He'll Never Forget
01-09-1941 Letter to his Mother from Palestine

25-09-1941 Letter from North Africa (Tobruk?) (2 pages)
13-10-1941 Libya - David John Wotherspoon
17-10-1941 Letter from North Africa (2 pages)

20-10-1941 Letter from Tobruk to Till and Bob

1941 Tobruk - David John Wotherspoon pall-bearer at Tobruk Cemetery
20-10-1941 Sleeping Heroes of Tobruk
"Sleeping Heroes of Tobruk" also published as "White Crosses", as in this Camooweal newsletter 
25-10-1941 Letter from Tobruk (3 pages)
October 1941 Poem from Tobruk Post 33:"Boys of the 2/15th - The Last Time Up The Line"

02-11-1941 "To My Adeline", written @ Blue Line, Tobruk, while a runner for Lt. D. Weir 
19-11-1941 Letter from Palestine (4 pages)
21-11-1941 Letter from Palestine (2 pages)

26-11-1941 ABC Radio Program

02-12-1941 Letter from Palestine (5 pages)

03-12-1941 Letter from Australian Broadcasting Commission to Mrs J.R. Taylor, Ingham

1941 Tobruk - David John Wotherspoon pall-bearer at Tobruk Cemetery
   (Dave a "Rat of Tobruk"  April - Nov 1941)
06-12-1941 Letter from Palestine (1 page)
09-12-1941 Letter from Palestine (5 pages)
22-12-1941 Letter from Palestine (3 pages)

28-12-1941 Letter from Palestine (3 pages)

1941 David John Wotherspoon
07-01-1942 Letter from Palestine (2 pages)

31-01-1942 Poem: "Careless Talk"

06-02-1942 Poem: "He Needs a Shave" (2 pages)

08-02-1942 Poem: "To a Springbok from a Roo" (2 pages)

22-03-1942 Letter from Syria (4 pages)

01-04-1942 Poem: "Tobruk Bay"
03-05-1942 Letter from Syria (5 pages)
17-05-1942 Letter from Syria (4 pages)
05-06-1942 Poem: "Seeing It Through" (written at Tripoli rifle range, Syria)

06-07-1942 Letter from Egyptian Desert (3 pages)

14-07-1942 Letter from Egyptian Desert (5 pages)

23-07-1942 "Aussie Memories", written at El Elamein, Egypt

27-07-1942 Letter to his Mother from North Africa

14-08-1942 Letter from Africa (Egypt?)

14-08-1942 "A Digger's Views on Aussie News" (also 19/8 version of same poem from same place)

24-08-1942 Letter to his Mother from North Africa (final page missing..)

01-09-1942 Telegrams

05-09-1942 Newspaper clipping - report by Kenneth Slessor

08-09-1942 Poem: "Reply to Ethel Campbell"

04-10-1942 Letter from North Africa

04-10-1942 Tel Aviv: Dave Wotherspoon & Horton McLachlan

12-10-1942 Letter from North Africa (4 pages)

20-10-1942 Letter from North Africa to his Mother (2 pages)

29-10-1942 "Aussie Girls in Grey & Blue" (on admission to hospital after wounded)

29-10-1942 Government telegram notifying family that DJW had been wounded
- one of 200 Australians wounded + 27 dead - see
Battle of El Alamein  (Oct 28...)
10-11-1942 Letter from Palestine Hospital, after wounded in action (5 pages)

12-11-1942 Letter from Palestine (3 pages)

18-11-1942 "An Air Graph Letter Home" + Telegram (from Palestine Hospital)

20-11-1942 Letter from Palestine Hospital to his brother Vic (5 beautiful pages)

23-11-1942 Airgraph to his Mother  from Palestine hospital

28-11-1942 "North Queensland Register" photos of soldiers killed, missing, wounded (inclu. DJW
29-11-1942 Letter from Palestine, on discharge after 27 days in hospital

01-12-1942 Reply to Ethel Campbell

15-12-1942 Letter from Palestine to his sister Nell (13 wonderful pages! ....visit to Jewish settlement)

December 1942 Souvenir of Gethsemane Garden, Jerusalem - for Mary Harrington

c. December 1942 Palestine: Dave Wotherspoon & friends

23-12-1942 Moving Christmas letter to his mother, after discharge from Palestine hospital (6 pages)

07-01-1943 Letter from Palestine (.."I once should have spent a night in jail"...!)

29-03-1943 Brisbane "Telegraph" photo & story of 9th Division march through Brisbane (+2/15th photo)

25-04-1943 Letter from Atherton Tableland (Qld) (4 pages)

26-06-1943 "To Phyllis, My Maroubra Penpal

27-06-1943 Letter to his Mother from Townsville (...training to be stretcher bearer)

14-07-1943 Letter from Townsville (3 pages)

21-07-1943 (Illegal!) Letter to his Mother from Townsville

20-09-1943 Letter from New Guinea to his sister Nell (2 pages)

03-10-1943 Letter from New Guinea

10-10-1943 Letter from New Guinea (4 pages)

12-12-1943 Poem from New Guinea: "To Beryl"

December 1943 "Killed In Action" - Private Vic Boyle (Royle?)
(1943 - details of final days in New Guinea, in hospital, in letter of March 23, 1970, below)

Rocky Creek Hospital
- where Dave was a patient in 1943

01-08-1944 "Mascot Bomber" with DJW's poem & his sister Nell's letter

16-01-1946  Marriage Certificate & photo of David John Wotherspoon &  Aisla Hamill 

1946 South Brisbane: Doon Flats where Dave & Aisla Wotherspoon lived

16-12-1946 Richmond Patriotic Association Card;1948 Blenheim Advertisement; Blenheim photos
1947  Blenheim Qld -  store and post office - built by David John Wotherspoon

1952 - c.1954 - Wynnum, Q. - Dave, Aisla, John & Peter Wotherspoon

1960's Iona Colege Brisbane - Dave & John Wotherspoon - working bees

1960-1970 David John Wotherspoon: Wynnum  & Iona photos
1962 "To My Mum"

1962 "West Of The Warrego"

14-09-1963 Letter of Faith Matilda, Dave's Mum, to grandson John David

11-11-1963 Letter of Faith Matilda, Dave's Mum, to Dave

11-03-1965 First letter of Dave to son John at novitiate in Geelong, Vic
(after which Dave wrote to John almost every week until prevented by illness in mid-1972.  Unfortunately only a few of these letters, mainly from 1972, are preserved - linked below))
1965 "The Golden Road"

1965 "The Man In The Glass"

c. 1965 Dave Wotherspoon at Wynnum (Brisbane) R.S.L.
25-04-1966 Anzac Day March, Wynnum, Brisbane (photo)

Nov 17, 1966  DJW - repat letter

Jan 26, 1967 DJW - repat letter

April 25, 1967
George Street, Brisbane: Anzac Day 1967 Dave Wotherspoon (back left), John Morris, John Neal, and friends
May 25, 1967 DJW - repat letter

June 7, 1967 DJW - repat letter

June 13, 1967 DJW - repat letter
12-08-1969 Letter to son John.   Page 2 summarises Dave's life as he beautifully traces movements of his copy of "Around the Boree Log"
01-01-1969 Letter - Remind Me To Take My Glasses

1969 "That Night At Alamein"

1969 "Whisky in the Sink"

1970-03-23 Letter to son John, re "Drag" Harland and his father

1972-04-17 Letter to son John 

1972-05-02 Letter to son John

1972-05-08 Letter to son John 

1972-05-22 Letter to son John

1972-05-24 Letter to son John

1972-05-31 Letter to son John

1972-06-06 Letter to son John

1972-06-15 Letter to son John

1972-06-22 Letter to son John

1972-06-25 Letter of Dave's wife Aisla to son John

1972-06-29 Letter to son John

1972-07-10 Letter from Wynnum to son John in Melbourne.  Dave's last letter to John

10-09-1972 David John Wotherspoon - Grave at Hemmant Cemetery, & Novello Nursing Home Manly
(+ 2008-11-27 photos)
1972-09-14 Letter of Dave's wife Aisla to Dave's sisters Liz, Nell, Ann & Till re Dave's death

  Draft of homily by John W for Mass at St John Vianney's, Springvale North, Melbourne

22-07-1979 Letter of Nell Wotherspoon with history of David John Wotherspoon's letters

March 5, 1984 Letter from Nell Wotherspoon to John W, pages 1,2
     Pages 3-4   

November 27, 2008  Hemmant Cemetery - Dave & Aisla