Photos/Records - in chronological order


19-06-1835 Marriage Record of Robert Buchanan & Rebecca Horn  

21-02-1842 Log of Ship "Nabob" with extract about Michael McMahon & Family  

28-11-1855 Baptismal Certificate of Jessie Gates, d. of Wiliam Gates & Mary McMahon  

01-12-1862 Death Certificate of Janet Wotherspoon, daughter of John Howie & Margaret Ewing  

27-02-1863 Marriage Record of John Wotherspoon & Elizabeth Buchanan 

27-02-1863 History of the Howard-Rathjen-Wotherspoon-Conner Families  

11-10-1863 Birth Certificate of William Wotherspoon, son of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan   

14-03-1865 Birth Certificate of Rebecca Wotherspoon, daughter of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan  

01-10-1867 Birth Certificate of Robert Wotherspoon, son of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan  

10-12-1869 Birth Certificate of Jessie Wotherspoon, daughter of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan  

24-02-1870 Marriage Certificate of John Fahey & Honor Kelly 

24-05-1871 Birth Certificate of David Wotherspoon, son of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan  

30-04-1873 Birth Certificate of Annie Wotherspoon, d. of John Wotherspoon & Elizabeth Buchanan  

25-11-1874 Death Certificate of Michael McMahon   

1875 Bridget Kelly & husband James Quinn Snr, grandparents of Aisla Hamill

30-09-1876 Birth Certificate of John Wotherspoon, son of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan   

29-10-1876 Marriage Certificate of James Guilfoyle & Jessie Gates  

10-02-1877 Death Certif of Margaret Peddie, husband of David Howie, grandmother of John W  

07-08-1878 Birth Certificate of James Gilbert Wotherspoon, son of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan  

02-12-1879 Birth Certificate of Faith Matilda Guilfoyle (Wotherspoon)  

20-03-1880 Birth Certificate of Mary Ellen Wotherspoon, daughter of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan   

1881 Robert Wotherspoon (b. 1867)  

08-03-1886 Death Certificate of George Wotherspoon, son of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan  

06-02-1887 Death Certificate of William Gates  

29-03-1888 Marriage Certificate of Joseph Augustus Sims & Rebekah Wotherspoon 

15-12-1888 Marriage Certificate of William Wotherspoon & Mary Jones 

25-12-1893 Marriage Certificate of Herbert Ramsay Storey & Jessie Wotherspoon  

09-03-1895 Marriage Certificate of William Bates & Elizabeth Wotherspoon 

03-08-1895 Marriage Certificate of John Burnett Conner & Annie Wotherspoon  

1895 Annie Wotherspoon (born 1873)

1895? Sarah Quinn (nee Shiels) and her brother Mike  

04-07-1896 Marriage Certificate of Robert Wotherspoon & Faith Matilda Guilfoyle 

01-03-1897 Marriage Certificate of John Regan & Honor Shields  

01-06-1897 Death Certificate of Jane Hamill (nee Addison), daughter of David A.  & Mary Thompson  

18-08-1898 Death Certif of Elizabeth Wotherspoon, daughter of Robert Buchanan & Rebecca Horn  

21-08-1903 Marriage Certificate of David Wotherspoon & Mary Hardacre 

11-07-1903 Marriage Certificate of John Wotherspoon & Jessie Baird Watson 

17-12-1905 Birth Certificate of David John Wotherspoon, s. of Robert W. & Faith M. Guilfoyle  

04-04-1906 Death Certificate of Mary Gates (McMahon)  

1906 in Sydney: James Guilfoyle & Jessie Gates

19-06-1907 Marriage Certificate & photo of John Moffat Hamill & Anne Marie Quinn  

14-01-1910 Death Certificate of William Wotherspoon, son of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan 

11-06-1912 Death Certificate of James Gilbert Wotherspoon, son of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan  

30-11-1912 Death Certificate of John Hammil, son of John Hammil & Ann Moffet  

14-11-1913 Death Certificate of David Wotherspoon, son of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan  

05-09-1915 Death Certificate of John Wotherspoon, husband of Elizabeth Buchanan  

1917 Aisla & Patricia Hamill

1917  Five Quinn Sisters (c. 1917?)

c.1917 Nell, Ann & Vic Wotherspoon, Jessie & Evelyn Shaw

18-08-1918 Death Certificate of Annie Conner, daughter of John Wotherspoon & Elizabeth Buchanan

22-12-1918 Death Certif of Mary Ellen Wotherspoon, daughter of John W & Elizabeth Buchanan  

1918 Ann, Dave & Nell Wotherspoon + goats

1919 (+1920 & 1947) George Uriah Leadingham, Elizabeth Leadingham (nee Dodds) and family

1920 The Carters: George, Nora, Eileen, Austin, Jack

c.1920 Ford Wotherspoon

c.1920 Till Wotherspoon

1920's  Patricia & Aisla Hamill

1920's Richmond, Q: Faith Matilda Wotherspon (nee Guilfoyle) feeding the chooks

1920's Richmond, Q: Liz Wotherspoon & ?? eating mangoes  

1920-1930 Richmond, Q: Wotherspoon Family Home & Store  

1922 Agnes Fahey (m. Thomas Toomey)

1922 David John Wotherspoon at 17

1923 Thomas, Bill, John & Maura Toomey

c.1923 Robert Wotherspoon (b.1867)  

September 13, 1923: Baby Robert Wotherspoon (related?); born & died 13/9; certificates  

1924 David John Wotherspoon (2 photos)

1924 Richmond: Jack Conner with cousins Bill, Bob, Dave, Vic & Ford Wotherspoon

c. 1924 Robert Wotherspoon (b. 1867)  

c.1924 Nell & Ann Wotherspoon

c. 1924 Richmond bakery, built by Robert Wotherspoon  

27-06-1925 Wedding of Bill Wotherspoon & Mary Grace Kingsbury  

02-07-1925 Ann Wotherspoon  

1926 Richmond - Picnic Group  

1926 Faith Matilda Wotherspoon (nee Guilfoyle) and daughter Nell

1926 Robert & Faith Wotherspoon   

c. 1926 Robert & Faith Wotherspoon (2)  

c. 1926 Bill, Grace & Billy Wotherspoon   

25-12-1926 Richmond: Robert & Faith Wotherspoon & Family + Grace & Billy Wotherspoon  

03-12-1927 Joan & Eric Boyd

1927 Vic & Ford Wotherspoon   

c. 1927 Till, Ann & Nell Wotherspoon at Richmond  

1927 Nell Wotherspoon 

04-04-1928 Wedding of Bob Wotherspoon & Grace Alexandra Nielsen  

July 1928 Richmond, after funeral of Robert Wotherspoon

25-12-1928 Christmas Group

1929 Faith Matilda Wotherspoon (nee Guilfoyle) & son Ford

1929 Richmond: Vi & Vic Wotherspoon, with Dorothy Stevens  

1929 Bicycle: Nell, Ford & young Billy Wotherspoon

1929 - 1955 family documents of David & Aisla Wotherspoon

26-07-1930 Wedding of Percy Boyd & Ann Wotherspoon

05-08-1930 Wedding of Jim Wotherspoon & Elsie Florence Julia Stabler  

c. 1930 Bill & Nell Wotherspoon   

c. 1930(?) Aisla Anne & Patricia Grace Hamill  (Aug 2005)

1930's-1940's (& earlier): The Sheils/Shields & Regan Families  

1931 Faith Matilda Wotherspoon (nee Guilfoyle) with son Bill & family

1932 Joan Boyd 

11-02-1932 Rebecca Wotherspoon   

30-09-1933 Wedding of Robert Taylor & Till Wotherspoon

1930's David John Wotherspoon & mate at woodpile

c.1933: Two photos of Vic Wotherspoon  

1933?  Five Shiels sisters from Aran: Nora, Annie, Sara, Teresa and Lizzie  

3-9-1936 Norma Wotherspoon  

3-9-1936 Bob Taylor  

c.1936? Aisla Anne Hamill (married David John Wotherspoon)

25-12-1937: Christmas photo of Vic Wotherspoon  

April 1939 Ford Wotherspoon, aged 21  

c.1939 Norma & Bobby Wotherspoon, with John (= Malcolm?)  

1940 Norma Wotherspoon  

c. 1940 Bob & Joyce Taylor  

c. 1940 Ford Wotherspoon at family home in Richmond Qld   

1940's: Bill Wotherspoon Jnr  

1940's Faith Matilda Wotherspoon (nee Guilfoyle) & her sister Jessie

1941 Till, Bob & Joyce Taylor  

1941 David John Wotherspoon

29-06-1941 Joan & Eric Boyd  

13-10-1941 Libya - David John Wotherspoon  

1941 Tobruk - David John Wotherspoon pall-bearer at Tobruk Cemetery  

05-12-1941 Dave Wotherspoon & Horton McLachlan

25-12-1941 Christmas Group

March 1942  Joyce & Bob Taylor  

03-06-1942 Death Certificate of Jessie Baird Wotherspoon, daughter of James Watson & Annie Hall  

August 1942 Richmond: Eric, Ann & Joan Boyd  

04-10-1942 Tel Aviv: Dave Wotherspoon & Horton McLachlan  

c. December 1942 Palestine: Dave Wotherspoon & friends 

October  1943  Bob Wotherspoon  

1944(?) Aisla?/Patty?/John? Hamill in Toowoomba

1944 Eric Sims, killed in action

1944 Vic, Nell & Ford Wotherspoon  

1944 Ford Wotherspoon at Horn Island & in Malaya  

1944 Ford & Vi Wotherspoon with cousin Peg (daughter of Agnes Guilfoyle) & friends  

09-11-1944 Death Certificate of John Moffatt Hamill, husband of Anne Marie Quinn  

25-12-1944 Bob & Joyce Taylor  

25-12-1944 Rebecca Nell Mead (nee Guilfoyle) & sister Faith Matilda Wotherspoon

01-04-1945 Joan Boyd  

1945 Bill Wotherspoon Jnr on motorbike  

16-01-1946  Marriage Certificate & photos of David John Wotherspoon &  Aisla Hamill  

1946 Brisbane Cenotaph: Bob & Till Taylor, Aisla & Dave Wotherspoon, Ivy Taylor

16-10-1946 Birth certificate of John David Wotherspoon

1946 South Brisbane: Doon Flats where Dave & Aisla Wotherspoon lived, and St Mary's Church, where John David Wotherspoon was baptised  

1946 - c. 1950 Dave, Aisla, John, Peter Wotherspoon - at Bleinhem/Laidley, Q

25-12-1946 Christmas Group - Faith Matilda Wotherspoon & Grandchildren  

1947  Blenheim Qld -  store and post office - built by David John Wotherspoon

1947  Faith Matilda Wotherspoon (nee Guilfoyle), Arthur Guilfoyle

c.1947 Bob & Joyce Taylor  

1947 John David Wotherspoon

December 1947 (Blenheim Q?): Till, Joyce & Bob Taylor; Aisla & John Wotherspoon

1948 Sydney: David William Wotherspoon (1905-1960)

c. 1950: Laidley Q: John David Wotherspoon  

1950  Joan & Ann Boyd, Nell Wotherspoon - First visit to Sydney

20-10-1950 Wynnum West, Brisbane: Peter Michael & John David Wotherspoon  

1951 Vic & Helen Wotherspoon  

c.1952 - c.1959 - Wynnum, Q. - Dave, Aisla, John & Peter Wotherspoon

1953 Sydney City Group

c.1953 Northbridge, Sydney: Faith Matilda Wotherspoon & grand daughters Jenn & Helen  

12-08-1954 Death Certif &  Card of Anne Marie Hamill (nee Quinn), mother of Patricia & Aisla  

30-09-1956 Nell, Vi, Faith Matilda & Liz Wotherspoon

1956-57: Wynnum, Brisbane: Joan Boyd, Peter Wotherspoon, John Wotherspoon

02-02-1957  Melbourne: Vic, Mary, Helen & Ken Wotherspoon 

c.1957 Melbourne: Helen Wotherspoon  

26-02-1957 The 2 Tills: Faith Matilda Wotherspoon (nee Guilfoyle) and daughter Till Taylor (nee Wotherspoon)

January 28, 1958: John David Wotherspoon, foundation student at Iona College, (kneeling on far right) 

March 1958: Melbourne - Helen & Ken Wotherspoon  

1958 Melbourne - Vic & Ken Wotherspoon  

1959 Helen & Ken Wotherspoon

c. 1960  Sydney: Faith Matilda Wotherspoon (nee Guilfoyle)  

November 1960  Melbourne: Helen & Ken Wotherspoon  

1960's Iona Colege Brisbane - Dave & John Wotherspoon - working bees & sports 

1960-1970 David John Wotherspoon: Wynnum  & Iona photos  

02-06-1962 Wedding of William Toomey & Christine Sacerty

1962-12-25  Grave of Patricia  Martin (nee Hamill) died Dec 25, 1962 and her husband John A.  Martin died April 7,  1951 

1963 Faith Matilda Wotherspoon (nee Guilfoyle)

1964 Sydney: Roger & Norma Barringham & Children

c. 1965 Dave Wotherspoon at Wynnum (Brisbane) R.S.L.  

25-04-1966 Wynnum, Brisbane: David John Wotherspoon at Anzac Day March

April 25, 1967 George Street, Brisbane: Anzac Day  Dave Wotherspoon, John Morris, John Neal, and friends

1970's: Tingal Road, Wynnum, Brisbane  

10-09-1972 David John Wotherspoon - Grave at Hemmant Cemetary, & Novello Nursing Home Manly,  Brisbane 

16-08-1974 Sydney: Wedding of Tom Thompson & Nell Wotherspoon  

08-03-1975 Melbourne: Wedding of Ken Wotherspoon & Denise Barnes  

1975 Mildred (Mimi) Toppenburg (nee Bates)

03-12-1977 Melbourne: Wedding of Michael White & Helen Wotherspoon   

1978 Newcastle Wallarah Hotel Managers: Ted (David Edward) & Dorothy Wotherspoon (2 phtos)

c. 1979 Coorparoo, Brisbane (Villanove College in background) : Vince Kelly-Healy (1899-1996)

26-07-1980 Golden Jubilee of Percy & Ann Boyd  (& see below: 26-07-1990)

17-10-1981 Northbridge, Sydney: Liz, Dorothy, Ian  & Nell Wotherspoon  

14-11-1981 Gold Coast: 100th Birthday of Agnes Mary Shaw (nee Guilfoyle)  

January 16, 1982  - Leilani Court, Surfers Paradise, Qld

1982-09 Ireland - Galway - Ballindereen - Kimsella - The Hallinan Family

07-1984 Aisla Wotherspoon: Back to Bourke/Toowoomba Tour

14-01-1985 Brisbane Airport: John David Wotherspoon & Family 

December 1987 Sydney: Maura Toomey and Vietnamese Refugee supporters  

1987: Maura Toomey, Aisla Wotherspoon, Natalie Wotherspoon, Viola Lynch, Gilmore family

1987  Aisla, Peter, Yve, Natalie, Louisa and Paul  - at Leilani Court, Gold Coast

26-07-1990: Ann Boyd & Family on 60th Anniversary of Wedding 26-07-1930 (& see above 26-07-1980)

1990? - Melbourne: Cousins Ian, Helen & Ken, John,   whose fathers Ford, Vic & Dave Wotherspoon were brothers.  

1990? Sydney: The Shaw Family  

1990? Phyllis McDaniel (whose mother Nell Guilfoyle and Faith Matilda Guilfoyle were sisters)  

July  12, 1991 Fr John Chai OMI with Aisla, Peter, Natalie, Louisa and Paul

1992? (& c. 1996) Wynnum,  Brisbane:  The Gilmore Family  

1994-1995  Aisla Wotherspoon and family and visitors

1995  Map of Ballinderreen, Ireland 

1997 The Toomey Family (apologies for poor photo; better one coming soon; could someone please email orginal of this photo?) see 08-07-2001!

2000 Matt & Venetta Stephens, with baby Adam

07-01-2001 Dorothy, Ian & Suzie Ken & Denise Wotherspoon, Michael & Helen White & Families

08-07-2001 Maura Toomey & Family, Ashfield, Sydney   (see 1997 The Toomey Family)

10-07-2001 Rita, Sr Gwen, Carole & Peter Critchley - Auburn, Sydney

11-07-2001 Sr Molly Guilfoyle, Joan Boyd - Town Hall, Sydney

13-07-2001 Pauline Hannelly + priests - Sefton, Sydney

14-07-2001 Dorothy Wotherspoon, Lauris Stewart, Frs Tony & Jeremy Stace - Newcastle

22-07-2001 Brisbane Family Re-Union at home of Steve & Debbie Wotherspoon , Bulimba (with descendants of 4 of 11 children of John Wotherspoon & Elizabeth Buchanan: John, Robert, Annie & Mary!)

03-08-2001 Cousins Marion Hardacre & Mary Ruthenberg

22-11-2003 Aisla Wotherspoon (nee Hamill) and Pam Hudson at wedding of Louisa Maree Wotherspoon & John Dunlop

22-05-2004 Wedding of Natalie Anne Wotherspoon & Daniel Francis Willcock

2004-07-28 Cousins Kath, Pauline, JW at Kath's Sydney home after Mass at Sefton

2004 - April - Leamington Nursing Home, Southport - Aisla Wotherspoon with Hazel and "Jock" Cooper from UK 

2004-08-11 Gold Coast, Australia - Southport foreshore - daily walk - Aisla & John

2005-05-08 Aisla Wotherspoon (nee Hamill) and great grand daughter Katie

2005-07-23 Grave at Hemmant, Brisbane, of Col & Tessie Gilmore

2005-07-24 Brisbane re-union of Robert Wotherspoon's descendants

2005-07-31 Ashmore, Gold Coast: Baptism of Katie Nellie Dunlop

2005-08-17 Southport, Gold Coast: Aisla Wotherspoon at Leamington Nursing Home

2006-08-13 Gold Coast: Baptism of Aston Noble Willcock

2008-11-27 Brisbane, Hemmant Cemetery: grave of David John and Aisla Anne Wotherspoon

2008-12  Family photos in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne

2009-04-26 Gold Coast:  Happy 91st Birthday, Nell!

2010-01-06   Melbourne:  Happy visit to Glen Waverley home  of aunt Dorothy, with Mike & cousins Helen  & Ken

2010-01-25  Brisbane:  at home of  Natalie,  Dan and Aston.

2010-01-27   Brisbane:  re-union with John Ruthenberg, Michelle, Charles, Alison and Jett

2010-02-04  Congratulations Jane and  Paul on birth of Harvey, a grandson for Yvonne and Peter

2010-02-05   Ipswich near Brisbane:  Peter & Bruce Wotherspoon, with John Ruthenberg

2010-10-02  Christine Gates from Melbourne -  at English class in Hong Kong

2010-11-24 David Wotherspoon from Sydney - in Hong Kong with school tour

2011-01-12    Precious old photographs - at home of Ollie and Joyce in Ingham, North Queensland, Australia

2011-01-13 and  2011-01-15  with dear cousins at  Ingham and Townsville in North Queensland, Australia

2012-12-28  Happy family gathering for five cousins whose fathers were brothers:
Jen & Ian (father was Ford Wotherspoon), Helen and Ken (father was Vic Wotherspoon)
and John (father was David Wotherspoon) Melbourne home of Ian and Suzie

2012-01-03,04,05,07 Happy cousins' gatherings in Sydney

2012-01-21   Gold Coast: Baptism of Claudia and Hannah....and party at home of grandparents Pete & Yve

2014-01-25   At Manly, Brisbane:  Bob and Myrna Taylor with John Wotherspoon

August 1, 2016 - Maleny, Qld: Funeral service of Bob Talyor

Some other family photos located in general photo files, especially "1964 and before", "1965-1972", "1973-1984" and "1985-1994"