2010-10-16    This year a public holiday in HK ....so....a visit with Matteo Ricci Study Group friends to Ricci Exhibition at Macau Museum

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Above photos are samples from the exhibition.    Exhibition runs until Nov 7,  2010.       Lots more on Matteo Ricci
Photos below:  lunch, visit to Ricci statue (unveiled Aug 7, 2010....being the anniversary of Ricci's arrival in Macau 1582.
 Ricci lived in Macau one year  before going to Zhaoqing.
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slight mistake: Ricci's first church was in Zhaoqing,
not Beijing

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Not Kevin Rudd but Fr Stephen!
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A-Man, a genuine Ricci scholar
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Photos below from Macau Protestant Cemetary, where with A-Man I again paid homage to Protestants'  Ricci: Robert Morrison.
 I also visited dear Macau friend Thomas Wong.     2008 photos
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