2011-08-29      DG! -   2,000 copies of "Simple Bible: New Testament"
received from printer today
- for distribution to prisoners

2,000 copies (+ 30 free copies) cost HK$27,800
- that's about HK$14 each.
Many thanks to kind friends who have shares in this project
- and to friends who helped produce this book
- and to Print Shop for another excellent job
2011-08-29nt02.JPG (185237 bytes)2011-08-29nt03.JPG (162982 bytes)2011-08-29nt01.JPG (162657 bytes)

See 2011-04-30  "Simple Bible: Old Testament" received from printer

DV - in a few months time - Chinese "Simple Bible: Old Testament" will be ready,
then some time next year, Chinese "Simple Bible: New Testament" will be ready